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In the realm of interactive media, you may not have thought of it ever being useful in something like an ebook. Has your business ever thought about creating a textbook or a certain publication that can help your customers learn something vital? Rather than go to the expense of having it printed, it can be made into a ebook that's compatible with all iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Here at Forsefield Inc., we offer unique services like this to help market yourself in innovative ways that easier capture attention. And when you apply interactivity to an ebook you're selling, you're conveying information in a compelling way that will also help explain complex subjects more entertainingly.

What kind of interactivity can you apply to your ebook to help make facts and figures come to life for customers who purchase your book online?

Applying 3D Images

We're always adding 3D images in app designs for businesses. These can also be applied to an ebook through images interspersed throughout the work. These images can be anything, including graphs, or even depictions of people. Using 3D images in a book is going to already enhance the details, especially if your book has overly technical information. If you're selling a product, a 3D image of your product will be a major plus to give readers a better understanding of what the item looks like.

Being able to view this in stunning clarity on an iPad means some very effective marketing without needing to market materials in the outside world.

Interactive Imagery

Those 3D images can also be interactive using touchscreen ability. How great would it be to have an image of your product give details based on the touch of a finger? It can be done through iOS devices. You can also add other interactive imagery through the table of contents and chapter headings. Many of the better ebooks on the market have interactive table of contents and galleries. These help a reader be able to go instantly to a chapter they want, plus can provide vital footnotes on certain passages when needed.

Being Able to Take Digital Notes

Any ebook that's in textbook form is going to need to be designed so it's easy to take digital notes. Every customer who buys your ebook will need to take notes and highlight certain text if you're teaching them something. We can design your book so it's easy for them to highlight certain passages as well as easy note-taking. We also provide study cards so those reading your book can easier retain information.

These can all be created to guarantee there won't be any glitches as you might find on ebooks with inferior design.

Contact us for a FREE Quote here at Forsefield, Inc. so we can start designing an ebook that will capture everyone's attention rather than bore. Whether it's just for promotion to truly educate, we'll create it so it looks like a vibrant, printed work of art.

The pop-up booth is to the 2015 trade show circuit what the slicer is to white bread. While this sounds an awful lot like hyperbole, consider the nature of the exhibition hall landscape. More and more companies have been in business and regulars on the trade show floors for the last five years. Maximizing their returns on investment in the trade show setup, they repeatedly visit the local exhibitions with the same setup. This is why your new pop-up trade show displays will stand out. 

Return on Investment is a Given

Using magnetic channel bars as the skeleton for the display setup, the interior is built to last. It is the exterior that surprises the audience at the events. Easily customize the look with all-graphics panels or fabric panels. In fact, you might consider mixing and matching the two different display options for an even more eye-catching setup. As a result, your display will never look exactly the same. While you keep the interior the same, change the exterior whenever you are targeting a new consumer base. 

Incorporating Secondary Components into the Display

But what happens when you do not want to mix your graphics? If you need a backdrop that you can change frequently but also want it to blend in with the other booth setup components that you already have, the stretch fabric pop-up is the ideal solution. Once again, the frame structure remains the same, but you can easily change the stretch fabric’s look. Simply place the new fabric over the frame, zip it shut and arrange your booth components as usual. Your trade show displays looks new even though banner stands and brochure holders may be the same hardware that you have used for a long time. 

Maximizing the Power of Lighting

LED lights are now favorite attention getters. Pop-up displays allow you to place different types of lights on the inside where the frame holds up the fabric. This lets you create attractive displays of lights and shadows within your booth backdrop. This alone gets you plenty of attention. Combine it with other new components that you add for the 2015 Newmarket events, and it makes sense that you can wow attendees time and again without scrapping and replacing your hardware every other year. 

There you have it. When you want the best trade show displays for the New Year, pop-up booths are the way to go. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE today for more information on the products and to get started on your order.

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