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One of the big mistakes small businesses make when starting out, is to put themselves (the owner) in charge of their design team. Mostly because we tend to equate vision with knowledge of how to execute a vision, owners often overlook the intricate process of knowing what that means in terms of composition, media, design, and meaning.

Business cards, corporate labeling, posters, panel-systems, 3D displays, book design, rendering, advertisements, these, and more are all things that are needed to validate a business’s authenticity and give them the professional look that their establishment deserves. Color, the position of text, the font, are all small but finely tuned decisions that design professionals analyze over for hours for good reason and practice in learning how to represent clients better.

Forsefield is a graphic, new media, illustrative, and trade show design company that works to integrate communication with optimal product to make sure your materials match your vision, and guarantees to exceed your expectations. Now, how to know if you might need their help?

5 Ways to Know You Need Design Help

1. Do you find yourself constantly going to local printing stores, and or do you rely on their surfaces to supply you with all you need? If yes, there’s nothing wrong with efficiency in quick and reliable service, but the local Kinko’s is not a business that can sit with you on the phone for hours of customization, reworking, scheming, and revising. They are a great place to drop off work but not one to help you discuss ideas.

2. Do you find that when making signs or posters you rely more on your staff who may be already tackling other projects, aside from the “artistic” ones given? While it’s great to lend out these duties to workers that you respect, trust, and validate their merit with, it can easily become a burden to workers who might not have the time to fully invest in multiple tasks well.

3. Do you have a website that does an okay job, but still doesn’t resemble the image of the company you have in your mind? This is a BIG one. Most people will look to your online site before they even step foot into your establishment in person, so it’s important that they get a good vibe to WHO you are before they ask you for WHAT they want.

4. Do you want to be linked into social-networking media via IPhone developments? This task is one that takes constant updating, so it’s important that the framework is set up correctly the first time, so that that person, or group assigned to keep networking live and active also doesn’t have to become hung up on technical service issues of formatting that they are unsure how to resolve.

5. Would you like to feel more professional? We all do. And design work by those at the team of Forsefield, who are concerned with only offering a business or individual the product they need work to ensure that this is accomplished. Running a business, an event, a career, is hard enough on its own without worrying if you have represented it in the best way possible. Know its okay to let someone do that for you, and let them give you more time to devote to your work and happiness at reaching your own goals.

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You may have an internet presence but have been considering doing some revamping. Perhaps you looked at your site and realized it looked dated or perhaps you’ve been looking at getting a new logo design and realized it wasn’t the only area of your company that could use a face lift. If you haven’t looked into the different ways a fantastic website can aid your company you might want to start.

Traffic Conversion

It’s one thing for the awesome graphic design of your site to draw traffic in but what about converting it? People will drop by for the excellent videos, cartoons and banners but what will make them stick around? You’ll need to have that extra ‘oomph’ that good graphics can offer. Once traffic starts to see your site getting the attention it deserves, you’ll have more people purchasing.

Final Details

Good website design can make people stick around your site. It can also make people leave. You’ll want graphics that are easy to load on a range of computers and operating systems. In addition, you’ll want entertainment in the form of great newsletters, jokes and drawings. The more information you have in your pages the more people will visit and the longer they’ll stay. One condition; keep your page easy to load. If you let your page get bogged down by too many graphics then when people try to load it on mobile devices it will freeze and become a negative experience.

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