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Relying on copious amounts of tinsel and strings of lights to boost your sales this holiday season? In today's competitive marketplace, you'll need more than festive decorations to garner your share of those coveted holiday sales. Prepare for success with smart, seasonal retail marketing and merchandising. Is your business ready?

Package by price points. You know enough about sales to know you can't judge a book by its cover. Holiday shoppers have the edge here--they expect a variety of price point packages. Think about bundling products to offer your clients choices in products and pricing. This kind of seasonal retail marketing will build customer loyalty, too.

Make your store mobile-friendly. Who hasn't searched the Internet for store hours, sales and inventory information? On the go holiday shoppers do! Roll out the virtual red carpet by getting your business website ready for mobile access. Promote your mobile-friendly website in your regular marketing correspondence.

Include mini message marketing. Consumers love mini messaging programs like Twitter and Instagram. Are you there? Prepare and schedule a series of short, intriguing messages for your favorite social media networks. Shoppers don't mind receiving sale prompts but your messages need to have a fun side or offer some handy information. Don't oversell your products or services or you'll lose marketing traction. You can also text your customers promos, coupons and shopping nudges.

Focus on reaching local shoppers. A thoughtful holiday marketing plan has a healthy focus on the local market. (Here's where the tinsel comes in handy!) Drive by shoppers may be inclined to stop if they see something that attracts their eye, like clear signage and holiday decorations. Also, do participate in local vendor fairs and community-wide business promotions.

Want to make holiday retail shopping work for you? Contact Forsefieldontact Forsefield today! We can help you customize a plan that will effectively reach new customers.

Demand for legal services, revenues and rates have all dropped significantly since the Recession began in December 2007. That is why it’s even more important to distinguish oneself in today’s post-Recession economy.

Branding – developing a unique, distinctive, and consistent image — is vital for any lawyer hoping to stand out from the competition.

Tips for building your brand:

• Identify your personality, your specialty, and your target market. These form the basis of your brand and it’s important for all three to work well together.

• Decide what will appeal to that target audience. If you already have clients, look for what they have in common – it will say a lot about what they value and what appeals to them. Then, make sure it’s reflected in your brand.

• Think about what makes you different from your competition. What makes you different from other divorce, criminal defense, or corporate attorneys? How does that fit in with your personality, specialty, and target market?

• Look for ways to incorporate your personality into your practice. Everything from the furnishings in your office to the clothes you wear to your business card and Web site should incorporate the personality and values you want to convey.

If the tone of the copy on your Web site is casual and light-hearted and you want your brand to say old-fashioned hard work and reliability, you need to have the copy rewritten. A good graphic design company will be able to help you.

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