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Good web design matters.

Whether you have a business or a personal website, you need good design. Design is what drives people to stay on your website, to read more, to find out about what it is you have to offer. Good design, often, is the difference between gaining a new customer and driving one away. Its importance is difficult to understate.

What are we talking about, though, when we talk about design in this sense? Web design encompasses a number of different areas.

The first is interaction design - that is, how the user behaves, or is supposed to behave, when he or she comes across your page. Interaction designers lay out the course that a potential customer will need to take to go from start to finish for any given task on your site. If somebody wants to buy something from your online store, a good interaction designer will make that process obvious and streamlined, so there is no confusion for the user. A confused user is one who often doesn't make a purchase, and no business wants to be in that situation only because their web design just wasn't good enough. Interaction design is key to making sure that users actually use your website.

The second important aspect of web design is the visual design. This is what makes your page memorable, what makes it stand out from all the other millions of other web pages floating around the internet. A visual designer will select fonts and colors and graphics that flow well together and create a cohesive, stand-out final product that customers will want to come back to again and again. A beautiful web page will help sell your products just as well as the best marketing slogan ever could - it's not something to be overlooked. 

One final aspect of web design is the underlying code. Your site needs to be developed by an expert, someone who can build a site that will function as it should regardless of the strains placed upon it. If your site isn't working, your business isn't getting anything out of it - and is probably actually losing customers! Getting a solid programming base behind your site is critical to looking professional as a business. 

All of these aspects are critical in website design. None can be overlooked or shortchanged if you're looking to put together a solid, high-quality site.

If you want to get your site designed the right way, contact Forsefield, an expert marketing and web design studio.

According to Business Insider, one of the top ways to maximize impact in 2013 was Iterate. They discussed the paced of change in technology and the increasing expectation for change among consumers. They stated "it will be crucial for companies to find ways to develop fresh products and services as cost effectively as possible." While this was a top ten for 2013, it has not changed - it is still a top ten for 2014.

In order to increase your ROI and be a competitor in your market, keeping up to date with the changing technology is critical. This includes your webpage. Your webpage needs to define you, and communicate who you are to the customer. An effective website design attracts the customer, yet does not include multiple pieces that slow it down and make it ineffective. An effective website design catches the eye of the customer and holds that eye for more than a few seconds. An effective website design strategically places text so at a glance a potential customer can see and remember a key message.

Before the holidays are gone and we are in 2014, look at your webpage. 

Does your webpage communicate that you can be contacted and welcome being contacted? Does your webpage communicate that you understand your customer's needs and wants? Does your webpage communicate your products or services so anyone can understand? 

Those are lots of things to consider during the holiday season. So, contact us and let's start the conversation about how your New Year's resolution to have a new website design could increase your ROI.

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