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Corporate identity is the overall image of a company or business that’s project to the general public. In order to create a corporate identity, businesses usually have marketing teams to invest in logos, brand-marking, and advertisements that work to create a personality for a corporation.

In order for a corporation to have a personality it must possess style and philosophy. Designers spend hours choosing the right colors and font and message to apply to a product or label or slogan in order for people to feel like they know how a company works and why.

Now sometimes that means that design teams can be deceptive. Design teams can find a target-audience and ask the company to market themselves to who will most likely buy-in, as opposed to who would most likely profit from being associated with the company in question. Although this might create more profit, it tends to lead a company to an insecure personality…one that’s associated with trends and fads, but not one that can concretely represent one or a given selection of ideas and values to the general public.

In order for you to build an identity that attracts the customer you want and market you believe you fit in best, hire a design team who has the skills and integrity to give you exactly that. Forsefield will work with you to make sure that every service—whether it be graphic design, new media design, or trade-show displays—comes to represent what you believe you stand for, and that others should too. 

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