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Promotional videos should always have a story about your company as a backbone to help your video come to life. Part of this is the personalization you can create with those watching by delving into your company story. By being transparent and showing how you managed to go from perhaps a challenging upbringing to a successful business will inspire those watching you for the first time. But how do you convey this company story in a way that's emotionally interesting?

You have different ways to approach it, depending on your personal style. No matter what method you use, we can create it for you here at Forsefield Inc.

Using Actors Reenacting Your Company Story

Reenactments can sometimes backfire, though telling your backstory through actors can also be compelling if you have good actors and perfect script. It may be necessary if you don't think you'd be able to narrate well or have anyone real be interesting enough to tell the tale. Just be sure to be accurate in your story and not fudge facts for dramatic purposes. If you lie about your story, it could cause problems later if the truth gets out.

Using Your Own Narration or Presence

Having the CEO tell the company story brings viewers much more personalization since it tells it from your own point of view. You may want to narrate while showing past video or photographs showing your past hardships. Also, you may want to give a tour of your company to show how products are made, plus presenting staff so there isn't any single closed door on how your company runs.

Having Your Staff Tell Your Company Story

For something different, why not have your employees tell your company story? By finding employees with the best personalities, having different staff members tell how your company was formed helps them prove they're part of the family and on board with your company mission. This can prove to be a great psychological tool in convincing viewers you're not hiding anything and want everyone to be a part of your story. 

Of course, you have to have a good story in the first place. Everyone has an interesting story to tell about how their company was formed, and it's time you incorporated it into a promotional video with the help of a professional video production company.

Contact us here at Forsefield Inc. so we can incorporate your own company story into a promotional video. We're a comprehensive marketing company that covers all marketing ground, so we're here to help your business be successful in numerous areas.

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