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Logo design helps encapsulate everything about your company, even if many business people have trouble managing that in a logo without making it look too busy. While you may find some local logos in your town or city that get away with looking more complex to convey a number of ideas, national corporations have mostly gone much simpler. While some might say it's a deceptive simpleness, can you manage to distill everything your company stands for in a simple object?

You might be able to learn something from recent companies that managed to re-brand themselves with more streamlined logos. While some of these have backfired, others have done quite well, especially with company mergers. Recently, Hershey's managed to change their logo into the simple logo of a gray Hershey's Kiss. Some poked fun at it as resembling an emoji that looked like a poop pile, yet it also had a lot of brilliance in keeping the logo simple.

Think about what Hershey managed to do and see if your own company can take one object (or even a mascot) and convey your new direction.

Breaking Multiple Objects Down to One

Your best bet in simplifying your logo is to take an object that looks overly familiar to the general public or your core customers. Do you have an object you use in your company that can represent your core values while being identifiable to the masses? Hershey already had the Hershey's Kiss at their disposal as one of their most famous candies. You might have a similar product that can be rendered in a simple shape.

Once you have that object, you don't necessarily have to show it how it looks in reality. Stylizing it so it fits in with your branding colors will make all the difference.

Using Color in Your Simplified Logo

If you notice Hershey's new Kiss logo, it's a gray color that matches the lettering on the initial Hershey's logo. It's probably a color you didn't notice initially until looking more carefully. However, that's a color long associated with Hershey for decades. Whenever we see that gray-colored lettering, we immediately have the familiar taste of their chocolate come to mind.

Don't underestimate the power of color in branding. Think of certain colors you've used in your prior logo. Or, if you're creating a logo from scratch, think of colors that best represent what you do. Placing this onto a simple object can set an immediate impression and mood in people who get used to seeing it in your marketing campaign.

You're going to need a professional service to render this for you so it looks compelling. It's something we can do for you here at Forsefield Inc. With our comprehensive marketing services, we can do it all for you, including superior graphic design.

Contact us so we can start working with you on finding a way to simplify your logo from an existing logo or for your new business. In a time when simplification is better for all marketing, one simple-shaped object may help keep you in business for decades.

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