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Apps have to be updated so they're supported by OS updates and new devices. In addition, businesses want to make sure they're making the most of their app by utilizing as many features of the phone as they can. As new phones are introduced, businesses can add new aspects and functions to their app.

App design is something that's always changing. This, of course, is necessary when Apple or Android releases a new OS or OS update. But businesses should also update their app design to reflect the current state of their business. If they've changed their logo or banner, that's something that should be reflected in the app.

On September 9, Tim Cook introuced the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The main talking point of the event was that Apple decided to add a bigger phone to its lineup. Yet while people were discussing whether this was a direct result of Samsung phones, app designers were asking how this would affect their work.

New York Daily News article that covered the event explained how the bigger screens are supported:

“The bigger screens are assisted by a new graphics processing engine, which means that videos and games will play much faster and smoother on the iPhone 6 series phones than on previous iPhones.”

In addition, the screens have more pixels and offer more viewing area than the other iPhones.

App designers should take this into account when updating their apps or creating new ones. Businesses should try their app out on the new phones and see how it works.

But even if the app functions well, businesses will probably want to update it. They can make the app more aesthetically-pleasing if they make it specifically for the newer screens and take advantage of some of the new features.

Some businesses need assistance in this area, however. For those that do, they have the option of outsourcing their app design to professionals. This will save businesses time and improve the design of thieir app.

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