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Logo Design & Branding is a process that's going to mean capturing the true essence of your company even before you open your doors. While you may have tested your logo design with audiences before you started your business, what happens after you've used your logo design for years and want to change it? It's happening much more often lately with businesses and companies thinking they need to re-brand by changing their logo designs.

The above is also a risky endeavor and one that has to be taken very carefully. It's a process we can help you with here at Forsefield Inc., including creating your initial business logo design. But what should you change on your logo if you're going to take the bold step to redesign it? Should you revamp it completely, or should you be more subtle?

Making the Right Choice on Logo Redesign

Many national companies have been making major mistakes on revamping their logos in the last few years. Everyone from Airbnb to JC Penney have changed their logos, and they've almost all had major criticism as a result. Airbnb is the most recent to revamp their logo, even though they've so far refused to go back to their original design. JC Penney completely changed their logo last year, then went back to the original again after their fallout with customers.

Fortunately, places like McDonald's haven't changed their logo, even if they've done other rebranding recently that's received mixed response. Yet, no matter if you're just a local company, you logo has likely made a major difference in how people recognize you. We tend to forget how much logos are assimilated by the masses where we use them for instant recognition of a certain brand. This means the specific shape, character, or colors used.

It's one reason why you should probably be as subtle as possible on your logo redesign if you're redesigning for no particularly strong reason. Perhaps you're merging with a new company and need to add their name to yours. This can be done without necessarily disturbing the initial design or colors the public has enjoyed for years.

In other cases, it may mean just upgrading to a more subtle modern design using more modern fonts while still keeping the basic structure.

When should you completely redesign, though, especially if you might be using offending imagery?

The Case for Complete Logo Redesign

Once in a while, there may be a company that uses a logo showing something derogatory that doesn't fit in with public sensibilities today. You might have a logo using a stereotypical mascot needing complete elimination from your logo. By doing so, it may destroy the entire initial logo design you've used for decades.

You may be helped by this based exclusively on customers being glad you changed based on the offending imagery. However, it's going to take time to allow a new logo to be assimilated by established and new customers. If nothing else, use the same colors since color is one of the strongest elements of branding.

Contact us for a FREE Quote here at Forsefield Inc. so we can help you make the right choices on revamping your logo design. We'll also help you make the proper decisions whether it's truly necessary or if it could potentially harm your business doing just one little touch-up.

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