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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to leverage marketing online, how to optimize websites and how to create a great social media presence, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re business is brick and mortar, you need more than online appeal, you need merchandising tips to help you sell goods in your store. Here are a few good tips for merchandising to help grow sales.

Make your displays interactive. People want to experience how your products work in their possession. Give them the opportunity to view products out of their packaging to allow them to really picture themselves with your products. By allowing them an opportunity to touch and feel the product, they can then get their senses involved which produces a deeper experience and buying connection.

Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm customers with an abundance of stuff in each merchandising display. Stick to three or four items per display. This will make it so that it’s not overwhelming and force you to choose the product you find the most important.

Don’t forget the signage. The display let’s your customers experience the product, the signage tells them why and how to buy the merchandise. Properly worded signs can seal the deal and inform customers all at once. In this day and age, sure, online presence is important and it’s always important, no matter what the medium, but when it comes to merchandising in retail stores, it’s important to keep in mind the added level of interactivity with the products and really bring them to the spotlight. 

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